Our Kindergarten Program

We believe that childhood should be enjoyed. Our Kindergarten Program places a strong emphasis on play as an important context for learning, whilst also preparing your child with the skills needed to transition to a formal school environment.

About our Kindergarten Program

Studies show that children who participate in quality kindergarten programs have an opportunity to build relationships, develop skills, and learn each and every day. Quality kindergarten programs assist in preparing children to transition more easily to school and perform more successfully.

Our Queensland Government-approved Kindergarten Program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We deliver an emergent curriculum that incorporates the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and supports the premise of play-based learning.

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

The guidelines describe a set of five learning and development areas that relate to the five broad learning outcomes identified in the EYLF:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators
Play-based learning

Our Kindergarten Program promotes learning through play, and through spontaneous and planned learning experiences and interactions. Children are provided with learning experiences that are inclusive, inviting, hands on, open ended and meaningful through play-based learning. They are encouraged to explore ideas, make connections, solve problems, and engage with others in a social setting

Our Kindergarten Program is tailored to individual children’s development and embraces our connections with families and our local community as the foundation for our curriculum design.

Our Kindergarten environment

Our Kindergarten environment is set up with a variety of indoor and outdoor learning spaces. We encourage children to move freely between the two environments to explore their individual interests. We provide areas for active play, messy play, wet play, creative play, and spaces for quiet time.

Our natural environments promote wonder and curiosity, and allow for the pursuit of open ended creativity. This also encourages children to nurture and protect our natural world and to understand the importance of this for future generations.

Transition to school

Our Kindergarten teacher co-ordinates several visits to local schools across the year as part of your child’s transition to school process.

A formal discussion is scheduled towards the end of the Kindergarten Year to share information with parents and teachers and support each child’s transition to school. This discussion provides an opportunity for parents and other partners to collaboratively create a summary of a child’s learning in the form of a transition statement.

Our aim is to ensure that by the time your child completes their Kindergarten year, they are well prepared for their onward learning journey into a formalised school setting.

Our Kindergarten Teacher

Our caring and Bachelor qualified Kindergarten teacher is dedicated to your child’s learning success and educational journey.

They adopt a stimulating play-based approach in their delivery, understanding that children are active learners and through the natural process of play children will explore and use imagination. They will encourage your child to engage in decision making and problem solving in order to make sense of their world.